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Who, what, where, why...

At an early age snapping photos was something I loved to do. "Take the camera, you snap so many good ones!" This statement rang true throughout my years as a youngster all the way through my days as a globe trotting musician. No matter how amazing the crowd or how flashy the venue, I always grabbed the camera closest and started snapping away. Sometimes my friends would ask me "How did you get that shot?!" I never knew the answer, but I always knew why. 

The WHY- A picture really does say a thousand words. And as an adult I've found such pride in helping others find those words through the lens of a camera. I hope you and your family will allow me the opportunity to make your dreams come to life and provide you with lasting memories like mine. Thank you so much for your time! I look forward to helping you all!


Why a photograph?

We all know where those heavy, monstrous binders are located. In the closet, under the snowboard and roller blades covered with dust and glitter from three Christmases ago...But, they're still there. And always will be. 

A photo is something you can print and put in a catalogue for people to view decades and sometimes centuries down the road. The internet is so clouded with what your neighbor had for dinner last night or the clothes they wore to the Gala on Friday. 

A photo-YOUR photo will last long after those notifications are gone. Give your life meaning. Show, flaunt and boast about your experience-only the way a photo will explain. 



The photos we hold and the photos we share are a memory etched into our lives forever. Let us help make your memories last a lifetime!